TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios
TIM KORRY EP Recording 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Strangely Lit Zen Garden- Week 12

my first real taste of small town Main StreetImage by incendiarymind via Flickr
Americana, Fireworks, Parades, Stars,
Politicians, Heat, Snow cones, People Watching, Beer,
Charcoal, Family, Nostalgia, Sunshine, Veterans, Patriotism,
Flags, Homegrown Vegetables, Banners, Classic Rock, Vintage Cars, Freedom

I steered toward the studio anxious to see which musical bits of the new songs would further evolve. This is the beauty of studio production. The bass line for the song ‘Always’, played by the famous Timmy Wolf, was tightened and given more depth, internet plans brainstormed and secured, and rough test mixes of three songs were concentrated on and critiqued. ‘9Sticks’ and ‘Retrograde’ are sounding capacious and phenomenal due to the clever production and engineering at TAYLORStudios. The initial break-dance beat that leads into ‘Retrograde’ interlaced well with Vox, Orange, and Marshall amp tones. Song structures were tonally deconstructed and reconstructed for ultimate sonic outgrowth. There are a few more experimental bits to add to the textural landscapes of the EP, but we are quickly moving into the mixing and production portion of the recording process. Break time at the studio is a great time for reflection and a rest for the ears, although there is the occasional rumble and whistle of a passing train.
For some downtime, Liza and I met a few friends down by the Milwaukee lakefront for what I like to call “The worlds largest broken record”. All had fun, but we high tailed it out of Dodge when the mass of humankind hit later that evening. I prefer crowds when on stage.
I became the proud owner of a primo vintage style pedal pusher bike this week that I will enjoy every chance I get. It really helps to have a bike when one digs biking so much. Thick white wall tires, fenders, spokes, and reflectors… Sweet. Much of the non-studio downtime of the holiday weekend was spent biking and enjoying the outdoors in the backyard strangely lit Zen garden of sorts where I like to write.
The 4th of July was composed of a downtown parade and grilling a strange Cajun/everything in the pot dinner I created while camping the previous year. Congressman Paul Ryan, a politician that I actually dig, was in the hometown parade. I think it’s a positive thing to see a Washington politician take part in this public display of patriotism and promotion of American values. The parade and the dinner were somewhat similar in that both were filled with lots of different ingredients that came together in a spicy, salty, colorful, fragrant dish... Freedom. I’m glad I have the right to say something that corny.
As a write this and crank some Zeppelin, I am reminded of the fact that we can experience all of these things because of the founding fathers and the 4th of July. Make sure you thank a veteran that you know for all the rights that other people can only dream of.
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