TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios
TIM KORRY EP Recording 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

TIM KORRY- Interview II- 2010 Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

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Rock Musician Tim Korry - The Fresh Coast's Favorite Son
by Liza Taylor

Tim Korry is taking the Fresh Coast by storm. His enchanting music and thought- provoking lyrics are proving to audiences that Tim is a songwriter and entertainer who is shooting to new heights in the independent music realm.

Tim has always thought of himself as an “old soul” just trying to get his feelings out to the world through his music. He describes himself as “somewhere between heart and soul and glam- rock, somewhere between pot roast and caviar.”

Tim’s stage presence incorporates “a bit of the flamboyant.” On any given night, you may see him in a frilly poet shirt and one of his prized hats, complete with plenty of jewelry and lots of dark ‘guy- liner’. His look can be plenty edgy too when he’s in that mode. Tim thinks it is important for a rock band to look different than most people out in their audience, so he shies away from the typical tee shirt and jeans look on stage. “If I could dress like that every day and get away with it—I certainly would—my style would be that of electric vampire psychedelic warrior,” he says with a grin.

Tim Korry began playing drums and percussion at a young age when he lived in Miami. He soon found that guitar was his real love and has been perfecting his guitar- playing, songwriting and vocal style ever since. Some of Tim’s greatest musical influences include rock bands The Beatles, U2, Stereophonics and Coldplay; along with classic Blues greats B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Tim views his music as “feet in the dirt, head in the sky”… which means it is grounded but eclectic, and leaves the listener wanting to hear more. “It’s about knowing where you’re at and knowing who you are, and always wanting more and always wanting to learn more, and trying to put that out there in the music. The listener is going to hear loud rock and roll, electronic, and a little hint of World Music with some loops thrown in. Every song is a work- in- progress. Depending on who is playing with me and the mood at the moment, it can always be different and that’s what makes it interesting… and raw… and sonic.” Tim is adamant to ask why people listen to things that are force- fed to them on T.V. or the radio. “Why not choose for yourself on what you want to listen to and what you think is good instead of saying, ‘Oh my God… I saw that on American Idol’?”

Tim has played and collaborated with numerous rock bands over the years. He is definitely a crowd- pleaser— fronting animated and intense guitar and vocal performances… and always giving it his all. He draws the audience in with his voice and is, not to mention, extremely easy on the eyes. Tim’s ultimate goal is to bring joy into the world through his music. “It’s really hard sometimes to bring something really good and creative and positive into the world instead of following a formula that everybody knows is just going to sell tee shirts. It’s much more of a challenge to bring something creative and different to the table.” His five year plan is to have his music reach people all over the world. “I just want the music to get out there somehow and everyone to listen to it. It would be great to get my music into movies or T.V too—just more exposure for the music. I want to reach people and have them listen to it and if they dig it—all the better.”

When you see the Tim Korry rock band in concert, you will experience a band comprised of solid and diverse musicians. “Any cats I play out with are going to be solid—they’re solid on music, they’re solid on God—even though we may all be different colors and think differently, we all come together in this one thing and that’s what makes it beautiful and real.” Tim would like each concert to be a culmination of pleasing sensory stimuli, including a large screen with projected creative images and footage, incense and belly dancers. He also envisions occasional guest musicians with a flare for unique instruments.

Currently, Tim is tweaking his self- recorded EP “Between the Sun and the Moon” with some production and post- production taking place at the Fresh Coast’s own TAYLOR Studios in Milwaukee. The EP should be released and available for purchase by end of August. Next will be work on a music video and then on to bigger things. Tim says he is constantly writing new songs and will need to begin recording those as well. He is relentless in his musical endeavors… and it shows in his product. It won’t be long before he has swept through the Fresh Coast on his way to the East and West coasts. For more information about Tim and his music, please visit http://www.timkorry.com./