TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios
TIM KORRY EP Recording 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Moon (Storm before the Calm)- TIM KORRY-Week 17- Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

Keith Moon is alive and well and living inside the upcoming EP ‘Between the Sun & the Moon’. No, it’s not about Keith Moon, but a few tunes give a direct “hats off” to the drum legend. TAYLOR Studios brought this specific sound to the title track during the recording sessions this week. A ferocious double kick and tom barrage support the unrestrained guitar crunch, deep down bass pump, and retro Beatle-esque harmonies. The middle build up section of the song also contains a wicked John Bonham style stomp.

Jeff produced a magnificent string arrangement on the song ‘Always’, mostly completing the tune. We could not make it past the solo guitar tone sticking point altogether. Apparently I am hearing something that the other people in the room are not. Every studio situation involves a bit of give and take after all, it’s just a bit draining and I’m feeling the strain towards completion. After an ardent and fiery discussion we paused for a light and amusing dinner at a place called Barnacle Buds. This seemed like a great place to unwind outside along the waterway. At one point, we actually broke into a three-part harmony of a Beatles song at the table (which is a good thing unless you are in church or something). This created a minor disturbance in the rowdy dinner crowd, but was a much needed catharsis and regeneration of focus.

We all agreed that some of the final drum bits would be executed and sorted out without the writer hovering over the console. This means a little break for me and less pressure in the studio for a spell. The word in the studio is that we may be finished with this CD in the next two weeks. As we advance into this next week, plans are made for upgrading and revamping my personal studio. I am very much looking forward to working on future pre-production in a substantial soundproof space.

“I told people I was a drummer before I even had a set, I was a mental drummer.”-Keith Moon