TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios
TIM KORRY EP Recording 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010


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Cricket lessons from a good Austrailian friend launched week 11. Let’s be specific though… French Cricket. I’m trying to avoid a sticky wicket with the hardcore cricketers that follow this blog (I know there are so many).  I am anxious to become more versed in the game and visualize becoming a better batsman in the future… strange start to the week.

I am always amazed at how an idea from an invisible source can become incarnate and tangible. It is both a blessing and a mystery. This week unveiled a small light at the end of the EP recording tunnel. The first glimpse of post-production came into view yesterday as we set acoustic guitar tracks for the song ‘Always’. My home pre-production had been transformed into the first rough mix of a song that bounced out of my head last summer. TAYLOR Studios is steadily working their musical alchemy on this harmonic design and I am looking forward to finishing and hearing the other songs. Work on ‘9Sticks’ begins tomorrow.

On another note, the pc in my home studio appears to be succumbing to the digital demon living inside of it. There is something far more evil than suspected in that low continuous groan emanating constantly from my monitors. This is not a good thing as far as recording the new ideas that are backing up inside my noggin… But alas, I am not a pc exorcist. Time for a new home studio computer… Any suggestions are appreciated (find me on Twitter, FacebookHere).

FRESH COAST ENTERTAINMENT interviewed me this past week making it the second EP dialogue in a few short weeks. Both interviews were conducted before a full moon. Hmmm…. I’m looking forward to seeing how the online magazine represents the conversation. More marketing and branding sessions are springing out of conversation during studio breaks. Thirsty, yearning, enthusiastic… Patient?
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Week 10 EP Recording- MODIFICATION

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Captain’s log: Stardate 201018.10.
Vocal lines have been evaluated and confirmed until the mixing of the EP. All guitar lines were analyzed and some set to re-track. The content of my last interview, new photos, and a demo of the new site were also evaluated for proper character. The engine room reports that we are clear to pickup speed in order to reach an end of July destination. The Captain sends his recommendation to throw a party when this process has reached fruition.
We began retracking several clean guitar tracks on ‘Retrograde’ and a couple fiery Pete Townshend sounding bits. Progress was also made on ‘Always’. We may only be a track away from finishing the guitar on that number. The original solo guitar will either need a couple touch ups or to be rerecorded due to a couple odd notes in the original recording. I’m looking forward to further developing these original tracks… Tonight.
Major lifestyle changes have taken place this week thanks in part to the very energetic Tony Horton and the need to get into full on rockin condition (not the Motley Crue diet) for the upcoming video shoot. I will tell you now that Yoga is not my friend, but I can see the value in it. Having discipline may hurt now but will pay off later. I hate clich├ęs, but “No pain no gain” actually makes sense. This concept is so foreign to our current “Give it to me now” drive-up culture.
It’s one thing to be interviewed and it’s another to edit the interview with a sort of focus group. That’s really all I have to say about that… I’ll stick to songwriting.
Currently I am anticipating a Saturday afternoon of cooking pit bbq, drinking a few beers, and listening to Jim Morrison rant some gibberish about “Seminary school”. Yeah, Loverboy was right and I can’t get ‘Everybody’s Workin for the Weekend’ out of my head. Somehow this blog ended like an old Dennis Miller piece from SNL. Oh well. That’s the news and I’m outta here!

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Week 8- HOME

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Home is not a place. Home is a feeling you get when you are in the company of certain people. Some may experience it in a circle of friends, in the fellowship of like-minded people, or the gathering of family. The later was my case during the past Memorial Day weekend and week eight of the EP recording saga.
Our party of two traveled the state’s endless summer construction to a small town in northern Wisconsin. My family has had some sort of connection to the area since the early 60’s. The studio was pushed aside for the untarnished rugged landscape of the Turtle Flambeau Flowage this week. Emerging from a pleasant night of conversation and rest, we were eager to explore. We trekked through the Fallison lake trail, Star Lake trail, and mapped out other stops over champagne and fresh strawberries. Not very rock and roll, but the pine air and sunshine were great for recharging energy.
The family headed over to the Wisconsin Concrete Park for an incredible exposition of 200 glass and concrete statues constructed by Fred Smith, paid respects to relatives who have gone before, and relaxed on a sunny deck overlooking the forest and flowage. Texts and calls were nonexistent due to the remote location. Although there was no studio work this week, there were new memories composed and flashes from the past evoked. Home is not a place. Home is a feeling.  
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Week 7 EP Recording- RETURN

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We were finally free to head back into the studio after a stimulating two weeks out and about away from the studio. The unseasonably warm weather of the past weekend made it hard to stay inside the otherwise comfortable studio setting. The recent addition of a basketball to TAYLOR Studios and the great weather provoked a few free throws and lay-ups in between songs. Great diversion on a hot May day. A game of h.o.r.s.e. may be in order when we are closer to the EP wrap.
The first day back was filled with much strategizing and also brought Nia, a new member of the production/promotion team, into the studio environment. I can see that she will bring some great ideas and interpretation into the mix. On Saturday, the background vocals were finished for the harmony laden ‘9Sticks’track. Producer/engineer Jeff, vocalist/strategist Liza, and I enjoyed a couple Tecate’s and an impromptu Mexican feast to end the day. Calling it a day is always good with an extended chill out session.
More background vocals were tracked on Sunday. We tentatively sorted out which bits would stay and which would be excluded so as to not be predictable and boring. An extensive brainstorming session followed Jeff Taylor’s lesson in crafting a solid Internet strategy. Liza began to conceptualize some original logo ideas and Nia introduced new musings on branding and image. Perspicacity and vision were soaring and streaming.
I was interviewed on sunny breezy Tuesday afternoon in a grassy peaceful setting. Interviews make me more nervous than singing no mater what the location. I think it’s all the honest straight talk that people generally avoid in daily life. Harmonies were then recorded for ‘Retrograde’, which would crescendo from a Beatles feel into some strange Eagles sounding polyphony. A “field trip” to my personal studio was resulted on Thursday due to the complex nature of the loops used in a couple new songs and talk of a major workroom overhaul. I took over the chef duties after the business part of the afternoon was completed. Week seven ended with the crew as twilight fell and solar lamps turned on around a grill and a chimenea. 
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Week 6- Nostalgia

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The Rhinocerotic reunion episode came to a close in week six. No studio time was taken this week due to the practice schedules and studio bookings. Liza & I were feeling artsy toward the end of the week so we both took a much needed vacation day. County Clare, The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, and the Milwaukee art Museum were all wrapped into less than 24 hours. Ah yes, Kandinsky, Jamieson, Word of God…. It was a groovy Irish pub/Religious/Expressionistic moment.
Saturday was sonically thrust into early morning Sunday at the Rhinocerotic reunion show. Rhino overtook the stage with the traditional 90’s psychedelic dance groove followed by Tim Korry and Me Talk Pretty. It was great to see the guys and the “old crowd” back together and rockin’ better than ever 10 years later. The fire and force had slightly ebbed after the flow of the first show due to a little exhaustion on my part. Regardless, we advanced into an ambitious exposition of euphony and luminosity. I do so love online thesauruses… 
Week six ended with a brief meeting at Milwaukee’s famous Leon’s Drive In with Jeff Taylor. The next studio date was discussed over Leon’s Spanish Burgers and lemonade in cool 50’s style. Jeff told me that the burger recipe was actually his mom’s. This cool local bit of trivia completed a great week of nostalgia and amusement. Week 7 begins in days… 
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Week 5- A Sweet Sounding Pilgrimage

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I headed over to one last practice with RHINOCEROTIC (play) after a not so interesting 8hr grind of daily monotony (work). We decided on the final set list for the show this coming Saturday, jammed through the set, surrounded by some chilling out time. It looks like the show will be the traditional psychedelic soaked groove rock show that was our trademark in the 90’s. I headed back home after this strange sensation of reliving my early 20’s… This will be a sweet-sounding pilgrimage.
Neil Moore (jazz fusion bass cat) joined Liza and me on Saturday afternoon for a run through of the songs from the upcoming ‘Between the Sun & the MoonEP. Following up RHINOCEROTIC will be quite a job. This will be the live unveiling of the new songs with a couple tunes from ‘Music From Earth’ as well.  It is a bit strange opening for myself. Drummer Cliff McGrew will be locked in to a full sonic practice on Friday.
Saturday night ran blindfolded and screaming into Sunday. Our get together with friends was a great time filled with margaritas, Mexican food, and conversation which grew increasingly strange as the night went on. Everything was fine until (and I know that you know this moment) somebody mentions “shots”. Not being a fan of that sort of thing, I entered reluctantly. Ocho de Mayo was a little rough, but some grillin and chillin the next day with the Pogues playing “Waltzing Matilda” helped quite a bit. Next week, back into the studio!
This week: RHINOCEROTIC- TIM KORRY- ME TALK PRETTY @ Vnuk’s Lounge. See http://www.timkorry.com/ for more info.

Reunited- Week 4 EP Recording

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Week 4 of the EP recording actually involved no recording. Instead, the preparations for the RHINOCEROTIC reunion show and for the live unveiling of songs from TK’s ‘Between the Sun & the Moon’ were orchestrated.  Sunday brought the sounds of little dudes, party favors, and the reuniting of family members at my little nephew’s birthday party. Air rockets flying through the sky, Iron Man figures, and Spongebob were the themes of the day.  Fun, but Liza and I opted out of the red Kool Aid and chicken leg dinner…. We were off to another reunion. 

RHINOCEROTIC was a band that spanned the 90’s era. They played Green Day, Black Crowes, Badfinger shows, and toured the Midwest. They had a memorable appearance on The Jenny Jones Show in 1999 that is searchable on YouTube along with other footage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvpBAli-hG8

All great things must end, or at least chill for a while, and RHINOCEROTIC did just that. Rehearsals felt like riding in the old Dodge Diplomat that I used to drive. We could still groove on the tunes and remember the feelings behind them. May 15th will be a great night of music at Vnuk’s Lounge if the rehearsals are any indication.

We all parted ways and planned the next rehearsal after the sun set. Week five will hopefully involve rehearsals for my band which will be playing after RHINOCEROTIC at this groovetacular experience of sound & emotion…          
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Metamorphose- New EP Recording Week 3

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After an 8 hr session of my crappy job, week three began. We ran through the main vocals on the southern rock/world music sounding "9 Sticks" about four times only to discover that the first take was the best. No problem with that... still better than being at the mindless day job. We took a final run through the main vocals for "Between the Sun & the Moon" and recorded a keeper. Some engineering by Jeff Taylor finished off our production for the night. We were primed to tackle the next session after a couple Tecate's, some lovely beef sticks, a quick planning session, and some random odd b&w pics.
Well, the next day needed to be put on hold so Liza and I headed down to Ashling on the Lough for some curry fries (recommended), a pint (also recommended), and a merchandise brain-storming session(er, that's up to you).
Background vocals for "Between the Sun & the Moon" began the following Tuesday... after the crappy job, yes... I've had a heavy Jet/Beatles/Cult groove and harmony in my head since the song was written and Jeff helped me to bring out my inner-Beatlesness. The songs are really taking on their own life in the studio and it will be interesting to see what they finally become. Week three.... effectuated. (Yeah. I was bored at my crappy job and stuck my nose too far into a thesaurus).  
Stay tuned and keep in touch @   http://twitter.com/TimKorry

New EP Recording Week 2

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I'm a big fan of proper Irish pubs... Not just because of the devilishly delicious liquid delights that there lie within, but the coziness and great food. Week two started out with some fantastic corned beef @ McBob's with friend (and consigliere) Steve Weltin & Liza Korry. After a few lovely pints of Harp, lunch, and some clever conversation (at least it was after the Harp), we were off to Taylor Studios. We reviewed the main vocals on 'Always' and started onto vocals for ' Retrograde'. After a few takes, and a few breaks, were were recording the main vocals for  'Between the Sun & the Moon'. Believe me after the nine vocal takes last week and four or five this week, I was having some sort of out of body experience... Not an easy tune to belt out, nut will be worth it in the end. We finished up and called it a day, sans tailgate (from the previous week).
Liza visited the studio on Monday to see how things were going. Little did she know that she would be roped into singing a few harmonies on the next tune, 'Light as a Feather'. The rumbling Beatles-esque, 'Hey Jude' sort of vibe in the end of the song was now blessed with some sort of ABBA harmony. Hmmm... Not exactly what I had imagined, but very interesting... We'll see if this strange combination works out in the mix I suppose. Several hours later, after the energy had died down (Monday night and all), we departed and began preparing for week 3....  

See it in pics here:

New EP Recording Weekend 1

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Artist Log. Star date April 10-11th 2010
4pm: The recording process @ Taylor Studios has begun with re-tracking the vocals of the pre-production version of ‘Always’. Some of the pre-production will be transferred into the final project, but much will have to be reengineered & recorded. We cemented the final main & backing vocals for ‘Always’ after about 5 takes.
3pm: Sunday was a fantastic warm sunny day, so we headed inside. Back in the booth to record vocals for ‘Between the Sun & the Moon’ .  We proceeded with the vocal track after a brief studio software learning session with Jeff Taylor. Jeff had skillfully reworked the drums on his V-Drum kit. There was a bit of progress, but this will be a tough vocal to nail (More like between David Lee Roth & Jet I suppose). Nine vocal takes later & we decided to break and enjoy some brew & sun. An impromptu tailgate broke out with Jeff crankin’ (and I has glad the police didn’t turn up) some tuneage & I grilling chicken, potatoes, & beans on my little gas grill. It was a cool end to a productive weekend. The sun went down, the music faded, and the groove disappeared into the next workday.

See photos @  http://www.flickr.com/photos/49198010@N07/sets/72157623718373419/show/