TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios
TIM KORRY EP Recording 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Artifex. Tractum. Accendo. Week 21-TIM KORRY Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

Artifex. Tractum. Accendo.

The song was written in the shadows of pain and fear, but now gives a sense of light and peace… Work began on the final song for the ‘Between the Sun & the Moon’ CD this week. The home pre-production tracks were used in entirety, but cleaned up very nicely by TAYLOR Studios. ‘Under a Wishing Well’ was finally emerging from the dark recesses of past tribulations and the writings that were inspired by that specific moment in time. Now the cobwebs have been cleared and dust blown away like an old book waiting to be opened for the first time.

It’s always funny to get a reaction to the title of a song compared to it’s meaning. I saw this reaction in Jeff’s face when I explained that ‘Under a Wishing Well’ is actually about being trapped under water, looking up at the sky through the ripples, under a wishing well. It’s a sort of wishing from the other side. The dreamy strings and tribal drums represent the flow of the clear illuminated water above. This explanation was not quite what he expected, but that’s how abstraction is at the end of the day. Final guitar work begins in just a few hours.

I met with a couple of artist and friends in my ‘Backyard Zen Garden’ late on a Friday afternoon around a chimenea fire with swirling incense in the air and cold German beer in the cooler (Yes, that’s the combination). Local artists Thom Fell and John Hansen were in attendance and in prime conversational contour. I wanted to talk about creating an image for this upcoming CD & website, but something more primal and honest came out in its place. The exchange was delightful, raw, honest, and controversial. We talked for hours about life, beliefs, and the future. We had real conversation on art, textures, styles, etc…everything is built on art. “Creatives need to step up and show the way”, exclaimed Thom as he also acknowledged that artists need administrative help... Ha! That was funny, true, and close to home. “Who will be the next Picasso, Warhol? How do you change history? Is it possible to build a real and constructive (not destructive) artist community?” The fire burned on both figuratively and literally as raccoons chewed on corn around the perimeter. We continued the conversation until almost 2AM. A real feeling of artistic community and enlightenment began that night with three people of different backgrounds and approaches to art in it’s different forms. This wildly raw and candid evening ended with a spontaneous prayer… and unexpected but fitting way to end such honest conversation. I look forward to continuing the conversation …

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The Art of War Sun Tzu: It does not take sharp eyes to see the sun and the moon, nor does it take sharp ears to hear the thunderclap. Wisdom is not obvious. You must see the subtle and notice the hidden to be victorious.

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