TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios

TIM KORRY Between the Sun & The Moon Audio Recording at TAYLOR Studios
TIM KORRY EP Recording 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

æquinoctium -TIM KORRY Audio Recording Blog-Week 20 at TAYLOR Studios


The change of seasons is slowly penetrating the stratosphere as we head into week 20 of recording. We are not only seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we can feel it. Drum loops were meshed with properly toned V-Drums. A sort of funky Duran Duran with a heavy groove jazz kit was worked on for several hours. Drum loops are great if used in the proper style along side an actual drum kit. Heavy power and soul can be achieved with real sampled drums alongside of musicians playing authentic percussion. I am looking forward to working with more world instruments, musicians, and loops in future recordings.

Outside the studio, we took a field trip back to the Bristol Renaissance Fair for a final dusty fall-like weekend. We were regaled with the magnificent and hilarious sea shanty tunes (ya man, I dig sea shanties) of my friends The Bounding main. Hanging out with fellow musicians and their families, we drank up the welcoming atmosphere as we walked closely below the looming shadow of the coming fall.

I had left the studio with the possibility of a sitar or bagpipe addition to the song ‘9Sticks’. I found, on returning, that Jeff had worked up a majestic and distant bagpipe arrangement in the breakdown section of the song. The segment was reminiscent of a John Paul Jones/”Over the Hills and Far Away” voicing and vibe. Perplexing mathematical equations were calculated in order to produce the correct amount of tonal magic on this track. The astronomical change in the season is marked by the position of the earth and sun. The recording of 'Between the Sun & the Moon’ should be completed by the autumnal equinox.

“Creativity comes from awakening and directing men's higher natures, which originate in the primal depths of the uni- verse and are appointed by Heaven.” - I Ching

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